January 7, 2020 - CBC News posted an article that describes what happens to plastic drink bottles after they are recycled by consumers. The article discusses topics such as: return rates (how many beverage containers are returned for recycling vs how many are sold into the consumer market), recycling rates (how many beverage containers are recycled vs how many are returned for recycling), the types of products that recycled beverage containers are processed into and ways in which both return rates and recycling rates can be improved

January 8, 2020 - ABCRC (Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation) posted a response to the CBC article on their website that details some of the ways that Alberta’s beverage container recycling program excels in the recycling of plastic beverage containers. To read the ABCRC response, please click on the link below. A link to the CBC article can be found within the first paragraph of ABCRC’s response.


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