Depot Logins

Click each blue tab to learn more about the tool and for login access to that tool. 

To login into the QMS, click the link below:

The Quality Monitoring System (QMS) is an online tool for Alberta’s beverage container recycling industry to record, track and efficiently and effectively resolve issues within the industry.  

  • Usage is mandatory for all depots, ABCRC, BDL and BCMB
  • The QMS is overseen and monitored by the BCMB
  • The QMS is password protected. All depots are provided a login and password. If you need assistance accessing your QMS account contact a BCMB Program Coordinator  by clicking the link below.

The QMS  allows a depot to issue a ticket to the ABCRC, the BCMB, the ABDA or BDL. The ticket will outline the particulars of the issue and will ask for certain information so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.  A record of tickets issued and responses to those issues are retained in the system. 

To learn how to use the QMS, click on the User Guide below. 


To login into your Industry Email, click the link below:

Each depot is provided with an Industry Email account.  All industry communications are sent to this email, and to this email only.  Please monitor your Industry Email account every day your depot is in operation. 

What will I receive through this email? 
  • All Quality Monitoring System tickets
  • All BCMB communications, including: non-compliance letters, permit information, inspection results, Uniform Code of Accounts forms and requirements, by-law, policy and Service Agreement amendments, beverage container registration updates, regional meeting information, emergency messages, surveys, etc.
  • All ABCRC and BDL communications, including:  payment information, transportation information, audit results, inventory requests, holiday closures, system updates, etc.

Why does the BCMB assign an email?

Industry assigned emails ensure that the BCMB and other stakeholders have a verifiable, current, and active method of communication with each depot.  To learn more, please review the below guideline document

To login into the Depot eLearning Modules, click the link below:

The Depot eLearning modules are an online tool that have been developed for the training and learning purposes of operators and their employees. Anyone has the ability to create an account and login to access these modules free of charge.  For more information on how to use the eLearning modules, click the Instruction Manual below.

eLearning Modules available:

  • Depot Compliance Module:  An introduction to the beverage container recycling system: Includes an overview on BCMB by-laws and policies, refund accuracy and customer service. 
  • Quality Monitoring System (QMS) Module:  An introduction on how to navigate the QMS and submit a ticket. 
  • Service Agreement Module:  An overview on supplies, shipping, quality control, payment and dispute resolution processes

Depot Marketplace is a program created in collaboration with the BCMB, ABDA and the ABCRC to provide a convenient one-stop place for apparel, uniforms and giveaways for depots in Alberta. Click the links below to access the Depot Market Place and the Guide.

Depot Resources

Click each blue tab to learn more about the resource and gain access to it. 

The BCMB Beverage Container Database is an online tool for the public to quickly and conveniently verify beverage container registration.  Click the link below to be redirected to the Beverage Container Database. 

It is vital that each depot understand the terms and conditions, operating processes and requirements of the Service Agreement and of BCMB By-laws, policies and guidelines.  Click the link below to access these documents. You will be redirected to the Governing Documents page on this website.  

BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.