Depot Awards

Each year, at the Annual Alberta Bottle Depot Conference, the industry takes a moment to appreciate and recognize the excellent performance of depots around the Province.  Depots are provided with awards in three areas: 

  • Industry Excellence:  a measure of a depot’s performance in the areas of:
    • Audit results
    • Control of shipping supplies
    • Accuracy of R-bills/eR-bills
    • Shipment preparation and load quality
    • Communication 
  • Program Excellence: a measure of a depot’s performance in the areas of:
    • Uniform Code of Accounts submissions
    • Refund Compliance accuracy
    • Progressive Action Policy performance 
  • Service Excellence: Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award: a measure of a depot’s performance in the areas of:
    • Outstanding service levels
    • Customer convenience 
    • Innovation 

Scroll down to see recent and past recipients of these awards. 

You are Excellent!

What you do, makes a difference. Thank you!

Congratulations to some of the most successful, innovation and inspiring depots in the Province. 
 Industry Excellence Award Program Excellence Award Trevor Nickel Service Excellence Award
  • Ability Bottle Depot South
  • 2A Bottle Depot
  • Cosmos I Bottle Depot
  • Olds Bottle Depot
  • Beaumont Bottle Depot
  • Hythe Bottle Depot
  • Evansburg Bottle Depot
  • Butte Bottle Depot
  • Summerside Bottle Depot
  • Calmar Bottle Depot
  • Airdrie Bottle Depot
  • Joussard Bottle Depot
  • Recycle Plus 2
  • Langdon Bottle Depot
  • Ability Bottle Depot North
  • Magrath Bottle Depot
  • Walden Bottle Depot 
  • Warburg Bottle Depot
  • Walden Bottle Depot
  • Winterburn Bottle Depot

Depot Recognition

The BCMB would like to thank all depots that go over and beyond to assist the BCMB, their industry partners and/or their fellow depot operators in bettering the industry.   

Click the tabs below to discover some of the outstanding ways in which Alberta depot owners and operators are making this industry better. 

Thank you Depots!

The BCMB would like to thank the following depots for their assistance with improving the Registration Database. These depots submit to the BCMB through the Quality Monitoring System , images of unregistered beverage containers or registered beverage containers that do not have images. 

The images help the BCMB to improve the Registration Database, ensure all beverage containers being sold in Alberta are registered and simplify the return process for depots and customers.  

  • Clareview Bottle Depot 
  • North Hill Bottle Depot
  • Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc. Bottle Depot
  • Ability Bottle Depot
  • Roper Bottle Depot
  • Manchester Bottle Depot
  • Taber Container Depot
  • Blue Heron Bottle Depot 
  • High River Bottle Depot 
BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.