We Want to Hear From You


The BCMB appreciates all efforts made by Albertans to provide us with feedback, discuss a complaint or concern, or report areas of wrongdoing or fraud. Please read the options below to communicate with the BCMB. All communications will be reviewed by the appropriate BCMB representative. Please provide contact information for purposes of follow-up and responses. 



If you are requesting information, submitting an idea or concept, or providing general feedback on your experience with Alberta’s beverage container recycling system, please contact the BCMB using the information below.

  • General Feedback/Requests Email :  info@bcmb.ab.ca 
  • General Feedback/Requests: 1.888.424.7671  /  780.424.3193  


The BCMB has an established processes to address concerns related to depots, retailers and manufacturers and for general complaints. Please contact the BCMB using the information below.

  • Complaints/Concerns Email:  info@bcmb.ab.ca
  • Compliance Officer: 1.888.424.7671  /  780.424.3193  

Complaints/concerns related to depots may include the following:

  • A depot did not provide an accurate refund
  • Potential health and/or safety risks were visible at the depot 
  • A depot did not accept a registered beverage container
  • A depot was not open when advertised

Complaints/concerns related to retailers or manufacturers may include the following:

  • A company that is not a Registrant is selling and/or distributing unregistered beverage containers
  • A retail location is selling unregistered beverage containers
  • A retail location is not charging deposits or a Container Recycling Fee (CRF)
  • A retail location is not charging the correct deposit or Container Recycling Fee (CRF)

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • Name of the business/depot
  • Dates and times
  • Description or names of the people involved
  • Detailed description of the complaint

Providing contact information will enable a Compliance Officer to follow-up with you regarding a resolution or enable them to to reach you if they have any further questions.



If you have observed the unethical or illegal behavior of others as part of the Alberta beverage container recycling system, or you have performed acts that are unethical or illegal as a part of the system and would like to notify the BCMB, please contact the BCMB using the information below

Wrongdoings/Suspected Fraudulent Activity:  

  • Complaints/Concerns Email:   info@bcmb.ab.ca
  • Compliance Officer: 1.888.424.7671  /  780.424.3193  


BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.