The BCMB is mandated to regulate and enhance a  leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.

2023 BCMB Annual Report

The BCMB’s 2023 Annual Report is now available and can be found here!

2023 BCMB Annual Report

New Handling Commissions

The BCMB’s Board of Directors approved a change to handling commissions based on calculations in the 2023 Annual Update Report. The new handling commissions will be effective May 1, 2024. For more information, please refer to the following:

Depot Notice, dated April 25, 2024

2023 Annual Update Report

Alcohol Beverage Container Registrations

As of February 22, 2024, liquor agencies are required to register all new alcohol containers sold in Alberta directly with the BCMB through the BCMB’s registration portal. Click Here to learn more.

BCMB Stakeholder Reports - Now Available 

Starting in 2024, the BCMB will be posting Stakeholder Reports on the website for public information. These reports highlight key items discussed at Board meetings. Click Here to view the reports!

BCMB Stakeholder Reports - Now Available

 Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers 

All ready-to-serve beverage containers are required to be registered with the BCMB prior to selling and/or distributing in Alberta.

 Click here to find out more.


To learn more about beverage container registration: Watch Video! 

To learn more about deposit advertising requirements: Watch Video!

Find your nearest Depot Learn More

Find your nearest Depot

Where is your nearest depot? What beverage containers can be returned for a refund? What are the refund amounts? Click above for answers to these and other questions about recycling your beverage containers.

Quality Monitoring System Learn More

Quality Monitoring System

The BCMB QMS is where Depot Operators can submit ’tickets’ to industry partners as a way to address operational issues or concerns.

Depot Notices for Owners Learn More

Depot Notices for Owners

View important Depot Notices released by the BCMB.

Did you know that Albertans returned more than 703 million plastic beverage containers for recycling in 2022? That’s a collection rate of 79.4%!   

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