BCMB Applauds Alberta Government’s Move Toward EPR

The BCMB is pleased to see the Government of Alberta taking steps to develop a made-in-Alberta solution to plastics, packaging, paper, and hazardous household waste. Click here to view the BCMB News Release on this topic.

Alberta Depots Are Open

Depots are still open for Albertans to return their beverage containers for a refund as they are considered an essential service. With the new provincial restrictions, the beverage container recycling industry remains committed to ensuring the safety of customers and staff with many different safety measures in place. Depot hours may vary.

Click here to find your nearest depot and its hours of operation.

Click here to find Covid-related FAQs for the public, depots and manufacturers.


2021-2023 Business Plan Released


The BCMB’s 2021-2023 Business Plan was approved by the Board of Directors

on November 25, 2020. Learn More

The BCMB is mandated to regulate and enhance a  leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.

Find your nearest Depot Learn More

Find your nearest Depot

Where is your nearest depot? What beverage containers can be returned for a refund? What are the refund amounts? Click above for answers to these and other questions about recycling your beverage containers.

Quality Monitoring System Learn More

Quality Monitoring System

The BCMB QMS is where Depot Operators can submit tickets to industry partners.

Depot Notices for Owners Learn More

Depot Notices for Owners

View important Depot Notices released by the BCMB.

Beverage Container Database Learn More

Beverage Container Database

Search for any of the almost 150,000 beverage containers registered in Alberta.

Did you know that Albertans returned nearly 700 million plastic beverage containers for recycling in 2020? That’s a collection rate of 78.5%!   

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