As of December 6, 2019 the BCMB accepts beverage container registrations from manufacturers of Non-Alcoholic, Non-Cannabis and Cannabis beverages.

If you are a manufacturer of Alcoholic beverages, please continue to register your containers with AGLC until further notice.

Why all Beverage Containers Must be Registered

The BCMB’s Manufacturer and Retailer By-law sets out the requirement for manufacturers to register all beverage containers sold in Alberta. This requirement is also provincially legislated in the Beverage Container Recycling Regulation. The Regulation defines a beverage as any liquid that is a ready-to-serve drink and is not exempt from the Regulation. It defines a container as a bottle, can, plastic cup or paperboard carton or a package made of metal, plastic, paper, glass or other material, or a combination of them, that contains or has contained a beverage. 

To review BCMB By-laws click the link below to be redirected to the BCMB Governing Documents page:

Only beverage containers that have been approved by the BCMB can be sold in Alberta. The BCMB must determine whether a beverage container can be recycled in a manner satisfactory to the Board. In determining this, the BCMB may consider the following:

  • The proposed method of recycling, including whether the beverage container can be recycled by a method not previously found to be satisfactory by the BCMB
  • Whether the beverage container can be recycled without contamination to the beverage container recycling system
  • Whether the beverage container can be disassembled in order to avoid contamination to the beverage container recycling system
  • The percentage by weight of materials recoverable
  • The cost of recycling, including any costs of disassembly
  • The marketability of the beverage container materials
  • Whether the beverage container can be visually identified as being distinct from other approved containers
  • Any other criteria relevant to recyclability that the BCMB may consider appropriate.

Prior to registering your company or beverage containers, please review the following materials:

Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

The processes for company and beverage container registration and deposit advertising can be found by clicking on the tabs below to be redirected to the appropriate page:

Do you have Off-Spec Containers to recycle?

Click here to visit ABCRC’s site for more information.

Brewers Conference Postcard

Registering your beverage container is the law

Failure to register a beverage container can result in fines of up to $500,000 for a corporation or up to $50,000 for an individual.  Unregistered products can also be removed from store shelves.


BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.