Retail Advertising Policy

All retail locations where beverage containers are sold and/or distributed in Alberta must clearly identify the deposit amount for containers, separate from the price of the product. Specifically, the Advertising of Deposit Policy requires shelf labels to clearly identify a refundable deposit of either 10 cents or 25 cents (depending on volume).

Please note that it is recommended that:

  • the deposit amount be listed on receipts separate from the price of the beverage containers, and
  • the Container Recycling Fee (CRF) to be shown separately on receipts or included in the price of the beverage containers (click here for more information on the CRF or direct any questions to Retailers should note that CRFs are updated annually on February 1.

Click on the links below to learn more:

Learn more about deposit advertising requirements

Deposit Advertising Signage

The deposit value should appear on every shelf tag identifying a beverage container price. If a retailer is not able to display the deposit price on each shelf tag, signage may be used as outlined in the Deposit Advertising Guidelines.

Click on the links below for signage you can print and use in your store. Please note:

  • The signage can be printed in colour or black and white.
  • The cooler signs are to be attached to the outside of cooler doors.
  • The shelf signs are to be attached to shelves containing beverages in store aisles or inside coolers.

Cooler Sign – Alcoholic

Cooler Sign – Non-alcoholic 

Cooler Sign - Cannabis 

Shelf Sign – Alcoholic

Shelf Sign – Non-alcoholic 

Shelf Sign - Cannabis 

BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.