Applying to Purchase an Existing Depot

Do your homework! A depot owner cannot sell you a permit. 
Only the BCMB can provide you with a permit to operate a depot. Depot permits are non-transferable. This means that even if you purchase or lease land, a building and/or equipment in a location that is currently operated as a depot, you are NOT guaranteed to receive a permit to operate a depot from the BCMB 
The BCMB considers many criteria when issuing permits.  To learn about purchasing and operating a depot review the New Operating Permit Application, Business Plan template and BCMB governing documents below. 
Most importantly, contact the BCMB Operations team to discuss your application before committing to any purchase or agreements.    


Applying to Own a New Depot


Depots are categorized into three area types:  Metro, Urban and Rural

    Metro   Urban   Rural
Description    Depots that are located in the City of Edmonton and Calgary   Depots located in areas with a population of more than 10,000   Depots that are located in municipalities with a population of less than 10,000
Proximity Requirement   No new depot can be located with a 3 km radius of an existing depot   No new depot can be located within a 3 km radius of an existing depot   No new depot can be located within a 24 km driving distance (by public road) of an existing depot or within 10 km of an existing Urban or Metro depot
Number of Depots per area     Calculated by dividing the population of that Metro area by 40,000    Calculated by adding 10,000 to the population of that Urban area, then dividing the population of that Urban area by 30,000    n/a
When can I submit an application?    Only in accordance with an RFA issued by the BCMB    Only in accordance with an RFA issued by the BCMB    At anytime

The decision whether or not to issue an RFA in a Metro or Urban Area is in the sole discretion of BCMB Management. In determining the number and location of depots to permitted in Alberta, BCMB Management shall have regard to the following criteria: 

  • patterns of population growth;
  • closure of existing depots;
  • the number and nature of complaints received from the public regarding the collection of containers generally;
  • proximity requirements (distance from existing depots);
  • any other criteria the BCMB considers relevant in order to maintain a viable container recovery system.

Applications for Rural Depots can be submitted to the BCMB at anytime. However, the BCMB may choose to issue an Request for Application for a rural area. 

Request For Application (RFA)

Request For Applications (RFA) to apply for a depot operating permit will be released on the BCMB website following a BCMB RFA Information Session.  Applicants must attend the RFA information session to be considered for the operating permit.  For more information, please review the Beverage Container Depot Application, Renewal and Amendment By-law by clicking the Governing Documents link below.

If you would like to be placed on the BCMB’s RFA emailing list, please scroll down to enter your information.  The BCMB will email you with information regarding the release of new RFAs. 

For further information, please contact the BCMB:

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