What fees am I required to pay as a depot owner?

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Application for a Permit to Operate a Depot   To be submitted with any depot application    $600
Release of Permit Fee   To be submitted if awarded a permit   $500
Depot Relocation Fee     To be submitted with a Depot Relocation Application   $2500

Handling Commissions

What are Handling Commissions?

A Handling Commission is the amount paid by the Collection System Agent or a Collection Service Provider to a depot operator for containers collected from that depot.  Depots are paid to collect, sort and prepare containers for shipment.  Every three years, the BCMB ’s Board of Directors may commence a Handling Commission Review to determine and set handling commissions for the following three-year period.   

Handling commissions for each material stream can be found in the Handling Commission By-law. Click here to visit the ’Governing Documents’ webpage where you will find the By-law.

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