What fes I am required to pay as a depot owner?

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Application for a Permit to Operate a Depot     To be submitted with any depot application    $600
Release of Permit Fee   To be submitted if awarded a permit   $500
Depot Permit Renewal Fee     To be submitted with Depot Renewal Application    $500
Depot Permit Amendment Fee     To be submitted with Permit Amendment Application    $500
Operation Fee   Paid by the CSA, on behalf of each depot, on a monthly basis. The operation fee is set annually by the BCMB Board of Directors.   $0.00065 for each container collected 

Handling Commissions

What are Handling Commissions?

A Handling Commission is the amount paid by the Collection System Agent or a Collection Service Provider to a depot operator for containers collected from that depot.  Depots are paid to collect, sort and prepare containers for shipment.  Every three years, the BCMB ’s Board of Directors commences a Handling Commission Review to determine and set handling commissions for the following three-year period.  

Material Stream HCs effective April 1, 2017 HCs effective October 1, 2018
  cents per container cents per container 
Aluminum 0-1 litre 3.178 3.242
Bag-in-a-Box Over 1 litre 23.381 23.849
Bi-Metal 0-1 litre 7.410 7.558
Bi-Metal Over 1 litre 13.083 13.345
Crystal Decanter 700 ml * n/a
Drink Pouch 0-1 litre 4.835 4.932
Gable Top 0-1 litre 6.254 6.379
Gable Top Over 1 litre 10.817 11.033
Glass 0-1 litre 7.805 7.961
Glass Over 1 litre 12.626 12.879
Moosehead Breweries Refillable * n/a
HDPE Plastics Natural Over 1 litre 12.521 12.771
Industry Standard Bottles 4.733 4.828
Liquor and Wine Ceramics 50.505 51.515
Other Plastics 0-1 litre 5.642 5.755
Other Plastics over 1 litre 11.582 11.814
Patron en Lalique 1750 ml * n/a
PET 0-1 litre (clear & light blue tint) 4.725 4.820
PET Over 1 litre (clear & light blue tint) 10.350 10.557
Plastic One-Way Key Over 1 litre 65.000 66.300
Sleemans Refillable 6.959 7.098
Steam Whistle Refillable 9.136 9.319
Tetra Brik 0-1 litre 5.220 5.324
Tetra Brik Over 1 litre 15.058 15.359
 *material stream will be reviewed after one year of collection   
BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.