Depot Relocation Application

At the November 24, 2021 BCMB Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved a moratorium on the relocation of existing depots until which time a depot mapping and siting criteria project is complete, and outcomes have been considered by the Board. In light of depot innovation and service abilities, this project is being undertaken to analyze population and service area data to make recommendation on potential improvements to BCMB processes and criteria to assist in siting depots going forward. At minimum, this moratorium on the relocation of existing depots is anticipated to be in place until the end of 2022 while this project work is completed. The pausing of relocations is necessary to ensure depots are sited effectively and are not in conflict with any outcomes resulting from this project in the interim.

Any Permit Holder wanting to apply for a change of their permitted location must provide written notice by completing a Depot Relocation Application, which includes a robust explanation on the reasons for the proposed relocation.  This written explanation of the reasons for the proposed relocation from your Application will be made public as part of the Public Consultation process pursuant to the Depot By-law. There are multiple considerations the BCMB will need to review in deciding whether a Permit Holder would be approved to relocate. These considerations are outlined in Section 6 of the Depot By-law. The Depot By-law can be found here under ‘Current By-laws’:

All Applications must be submitted via email at least 90 days prior to the proposed relocation date. Once an Application is received, the BCMB will conduct a preliminary review to ensure the Application is complete. Confirmation of a complete application will be provided to the applicant within 10 business days of receipt of the Application by the BCMB. Please note, an email confirming the Application is complete is NOT an approval of the Application. Applications must include the required supporting documentation listed in the checklist within the application package. All incomplete Applications will be rejected and returned to the Applicant.

Once an Application has been confirmed complete, a review will be completed by the BCMB within 14 business days. You will then be advised if the application is complete and proceed to Public Consultation, or if there are any deficiencies. Once an application is complete and without any outstanding deficiencies, the BCMB will have the Applicant publish notice of the application for relocation allowing any person who is directly affected by the application for relocation to submit written concerns to the BCMB within 30 days. Once this Public Consultation period has ended, the Applicant will have 14 days to submit, to the BCMB, written response to any public opposition received.

The decision whether or not to grant the relocation application is in the sole discretion of the BCMB taking into consideration the criteria in Section 6.5 of the Depot By-law. Notice of decision will be provided within 15 days after the date the BCMB makes its decision.

Click the link below to access the Depot Relocation Application. Please carefully review the Depot Relocation Application for all necessary criteria, fees, and BCMB processes and timelines prior to submitting an Application to the BCMB.

Please note that the depot proximity measurements are measured from nearest property line of an existing depot to nearest property line of the proposed depot location. Should measurements be within +/-0.3km of the proximity requirement in By-law, the Applicant will need to supply a measurement completed by a certified surveyor.

Failure to provide the Depot Relocation Application completed in its entirety along with any additional information requested by the BCMB will result in the BCMB rejecting your Relocation request.

If you have any questions regarding the process or require further information, please contact a BCMB Compliance Officer. Click the link below to be redirected to the Contact Page.

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