Step One: What You Need to Know

A manufacturer is defined in the Beverage Container Recycling Regulation as a person who manufacturers a beverage and includes:

  • a person who carries on the business of filling containers with a beverage; and 
  • a person who imports a beverage in a container into Alberta for the purpose of distribution or sale in Alberta 

Before beginning the online registration process, please review the following brochure:

Step Two: Registration Resources

This Registration Portal has been created to help make the registration process more accessible and efficient for registrants. The portal allows you to easily register your beverage containers, add members of your team as contacts, upload images of your containers and discontinue containers.

You can also send messages directly to the BCMB through the portal. Or you can contact us at 780-424-3193 ext. 221 or 224, or 1-888-424-7671 (toll-free)

Before beginning the process of registration, please review the following:

  • Registration Requirements for Non-Refillable Beverage Containers containing Alcoholic Beverages  
    • Coming soon. Until then, please read the Registration Requirements for Non-Refillable Containers containing Non-Alcoholic Beverage, then contact the BCMB. 
  •    Manufacturers of Refillable Beverage Containers - please read the documents above and contact the BCMB Registration team to discuss.  There are different processes for registration and approval of a Refillable Beverage Container  

Step Three: Online Registration Portal

For Beverage Containers

To register a beverage container, CLICK HERE 

Step Three: Online Registration Portal

Require Assistance?

If you require any assistance with registering a product, someone from the BCMB’s Registrations Department would be happy to assist you.