Question: How is the RFP response provided to the BCMB?

Question:  Could you describe the use case (how the app will be used by CSA and how it will be used by CSP? What Is the difference of these roles)?

  • Answer: This app will not be used by the CSP or the CSA. It is an end-user app only.

Question:  In what way will the App be used by the end-user and who will be the end-user?

  • Answer: The app will be used by Alberta bottle depots (the end user) to submit and respond to requests though our pre-existing Zendesk platform.

Question:  Why is the BCMB not using the existing Zendesk application?

  • Answer: The existing Zendesk application is geared towards agents rather than end-users. We are looking to develop an application just for our end-users.

Question: What is the total estimated budget for this project?

  • Answer: We are asking those interested in this project to provide us with a cost based on what is outlined in the RFP. 

Question:  Are you looking for a custom solution or an out of the box app that has already been developed for the same?

  • Answer: We are looking for a custom solution.

Question: There is a huge gap from when a proponent is selected to when the preliminary scoping of the work begins. Could you let us know why the delay as we could get underway this summer should this be acceptable for yourselves. 

  • Answer: The money for this project will be in our 2019 budget.

Question: Are you able to extend the submission deadline?

  • Answer:  We are unable to provide an deadline extension due our 2019 budget submission deadline. 

Question: What format do you want for the push notifications, ie. email, text, etc.

  • Answer: Push notifications as in the message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

Question: What is the pre-existing software that utilizes a bar code scanner?

  • Answer: The data is pulled from our Microsoft CMS.

Question: For the integration with the Beverage Container Registration Database, is this just to embed the page into the application and allow for searches as are currently available on the web page?

  • Answer: Yes.

Question: Will the users of the application all be setup in Zendesk? Are you using Active Directory to manage the users?

  • Answer: Yes, all users will already be set up in Zendesk . We are not using Active Directory. 

Question: Is your Zendesk on premise or in the cloud?

  • Answer: Our Zendesk is hosted by a Zendesk owned and operated server.

Question: Will you be providing the APIs from Zendesk?

  • Answer: Once the RFP has been awarded, we will provide the APIs and any other pertinent information.

Question: For the apple watch notification, the apple watch will display only notifications or is there any action required to be performed on the watch?

  • Answer:  Notifications only.

Question: Will all the details will be fetched from the Zendesk platform is there any other content which needs to be managed from a Content Management System.

  • Answer:  The app will be based around our Zendesk platform. However, we would like our beverage container database to be integrated into the app as well.

Question: What is the functionality expected of the barcode scanner, for example, post-scanning what kind of information should be displayed on the mobile app and from where the information will be fetched?

  • Answer:  The information would be fetched from our own Content Management System (CRM) post-scan to display the relevant information.

Question: For the beverage container registration database, will the API be provided for the integration?

  • Answer:  Yes, we will provide this information after the RFP is awarded.

Question:  Did an external consulting company perform or assist with the assessment regarding the timing and determination of the project length?  If so are they eligible to respond to this RFP?

  • Answer:  An external company did not perform or assist with the assessment regarding the timing and determination of the project length.

Question:  Do you use any parts of the Zendesk platform beyond Tickets and help desk articles?

  • Answer:  No

Question:  If you only use those 2 sections are there any features you don’t make use of? Such as social sharing, or the community section of the help centre, etc? We’d like our estimate to only include features you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Answer:  We do not make use of social sharing, but we do use the community section.

Question:  Will your support staff be using this app to reply to end users or will this be targeted only at end users? Reason being including support staff features would require more development time, but may not be useful if your staff aren’t intending to use them.

  • Answer:  This app will be used only by the end-users.

Question:  For the barcode scanner software in the FAQ you mention Microsoft CMS. Is there a particular 3rd party software that you would like to use for the barcode scanner itself?

  • Answer:  No.

Question:  How would the barcode scans be used?

  • Answer:  The barcode scans would be used to verify whether a product is registered in our system.

Question:  Would you want to use the pre-created Zendesk User Interface that comes with the Zendesk SDK, or would you like a fully custom User Interface? The pre-created interface would allow for a more inexpensive build.

  • Answer:  We would like a custom user interface.

Question:  If a custom user interface is desired, would the layout and formatting of the articles need to be significantly changed for mobile devices? e.g. Do the articles have videos, or images in them?

  • Answer:  Yes, the articles need to be able to show images and  videos.

Question:  Will each bottling plant have one point of contact, or will several people at the bottling plant have the application installed, and be using it as the same time?

  • Answer:  Several people will have it installed and use it at the same time. Some users may also operate more than one depot which means that we weould require them to be able to be logged in to more than one account at one and toggle between the accounts. 

Question:  Can we get access to the current Zendesk instance, or the ability to see your articles and ticket form?

  • Answer:  This access will be granted once th RFP is awarded.

Question:  Ability to be integrated with our Beverage Container Registration Database, what is the functionality that is needed for this integration?

  • Answer:  Search function.

Question:  Ability to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV program in the future, what is the functionality that is needed for this integration?

  • Answer:  The NAV program is owned and operated by a third party industry stakeholder that we collaborate with. We do not require this capability in this iteration of the app; however we do need it to be possible in the future. Users would need to be able to log in to their account, and view messages and reports.

Question:  Are there any industry rules we need to know about? Security? Access?

  • Answer:  Users must log in to use the app. Otherwise there are no limitations. 

Question:  Any workflow examples? Are there any known paths that would be performed within the app?

  • Answer:  Most common workflow would be ticket creation and ticket responses. 

Question:  Is there any additional functionality that has been added since the original document?

  • Answer:  No.

Question:  Can Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) expand on how the project timeline was determined to be completed in 2 months?  Assuming a start date of Jan 2nd and launch mobile application on Mar 4th?

  • Answer:  The BCMB is requesting the 2 month timeline since we cannot start the project until January 2, 2019 due to budgetary processes and we wish to disseminate the app by March. However, if this timeline cannot be met, please address why it cannot in your application.

Question: Are you able to provide some examples of an issue/ticket that an end-user would raise? 

  • Answer:  There are a number of reasons for a bottle depot (our end-users) to issue/submit a ticket. One of them being if they are short on shipping supplies. Another would be submitting a ticket with images of beverage containers asking if they are registered. 

Question: After the end-user submits an issue/ticket, other than being able to track the status of their ticket, are there any other actions that are taken? 

  • Answer: End-users must have the ability to write in more than one reply after a ticket has been issued. 

Question: Is it acceptable to to provide an hourly rates for the relevant resources required for the project rather than a fixed cost?

  • Answer: No. 
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