Albertans recycle over 2 billion beverage containers a year - more than 500 containers for every Albertan.

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Celebrating 85%
Posted: June 22, 2016

Our return rate has reached 85% - the goal set by the Government of Alberta for the beverage container recycling industry. This significant achievement means our province has one of the highest return rates in North Ameria. Read more...

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Is the BCMB funded by government?

No. The Government of Alberta does not supply or receive any funding for or from the operation of the beverage container recycling system. Depot operators and beverage manufacturers fund the administrative costs of the BCMB through a levy based on beverage container returns. Manufacturers pay a handling commission to the depots for each of their containers received. In return, the depot operators sort the containers into different groups. The process of setting the handling commission rate is led by the BCMB. It is the only source of income for bottle depots.

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