Glass beer containers can be reused up to 15 times.

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Board of Directors position open
Posted: June 11, 2015

The BCMB is looking for a public member to sit on the Board of Directors of the BCMB. The role of a BCMB public director is to represent the interests of all Albertans at the BCMB Board and to fulfill all of the responsibilities as considered in the BCMB Governance Manual. Public directors must be residents of Alberta. All new public directors will be appointed for an initial term of up to three years, renewable by and at the sole discretion of the Board, for a maximum of two additional three-ye...

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Why is there a deposit on beverages sold in Alberta?

The deposit refund system has been in place for over 36 years in Alberta. This approach is consistent with Alberta’s waste management strategy to encourage Albertans to take responsibility for resource conservation and waste minimization.

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