Albertans returned 1.94 billion beverage containers to a bottle depot in 2012.

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BCMB Recognizes Alberta’s First Bottle Depot Owner on his Retirement
Posted: February 26, 2015

Dave Green opened Alberta’s first bottle depot in Lethbridge in April 1971. He now owns two convenience stores and depots in the community and is a well-respected local businessman. Dave has seen many changes in the beverage container recycling industry and has always adapted to those changes, often leading the way for his counterparts across the province. After nearly 44 years, Dave has decided to retire and sell his businesses. The beverage container recycling industry pioneer will be mi...

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Why is there a deposit on beverages sold in Alberta?

The deposit refund system has been in place for over 36 years in Alberta. This approach is consistent with Alberta’s waste management strategy to encourage Albertans to take responsibility for resource conservation and waste minimization.

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