Recycled glass beverage containers are used in fibreglass insulation for homes and paving materials.

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Celebrating an 86.2% Return Rate
Posted: June 21, 2017

The beverage container return rate reached 86.2% in 2016, one of the highest return rates in North America and up from 85% in 2015. That significant accomplishment helps solidify Alberta’s reputation as a leader in beverage container recycling world-wide. Other highlights contained in the 2016 Annual Report, released at the BCMB’s Annual General Meeting on June 21, include:• The opening of two new depots - the Winterburn Bottle Depot in west Edmonton and the Walden Bottle Depot ...

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Can I redeem beverage containers I purchased outside Alberta?

No, only containers that have been purchased in Alberta and charged a deposit can be refunded at bottle depots. Alternatively, out-of-province containers can be taken to a depot to be recycled but no deposit will be paid.

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