Over 12,400 tonnes of aluminum cans were recycled in 2012.

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2014 Regional Meetings
Posted: February 18, 2014

The BCMB and the beverage container recycling industry will once again be hosting regional meetings for bottle depot owners across the province. The 2014 Regional Meetings begin February 24 in Grande Prairie and run until March 17 in Red Deer. The meetings are a chance for depots to hear updates on and discuss the latest initiatives, technology and processes in the beverage container recycling industry. 2014 Regional Meetings Schedule Agenda

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Where do containers go?

Each beverage container material type has unique processes and energy requirements for both manufacturing and recycling. The amount of energy saved in recycling varies by material type. For example, recycling aluminum requires just 5% of the energy used to create the original products from virgin material, while plastic recycling requires 30% and glass around 70%. Some of the commercially useful products that come from Alberta’s recycled beverage containers include: new containers, fleece jackets, fibreglass insulation, cardboard boxes and construction re-bar.

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