More than 129,200 tonnes of materials was diverted from landfills in 2014 due to beverage container recycling.

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Celebrating 85%
Posted: June 22, 2016

Our return rate has reached 85% - the goal set by the Government of Alberta for the beverage container recycling industry. This significant achievement means our province has one of the highest return rates in North Ameria. Read more...

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What is a container recycling fee (CRF) and why is it charged?

Beyond your fully refundable deposit, a container recycling fee or environmental levy may be applied at the point of purchase to cover the net costs in recycling beverage containers. The fee is required to fund that portion of system operations costs (collection, transportation and marketing) not covered by material revenues (i.e., the ‘salvage value’ of the containers) and unredeemed deposits. The CRFs are non-refundable and based on a not-for-profit formula. They range from no charge to up to 8 cents per container. The fee is a few pennies on your grocery bill and helps keep tonnes of waste from ending up in Alberta landfills.

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