Question:  Could you tell me if there is preferred timing for fieldwork?  It appears the financial statements were signed off in April, can I confirm that’s the expected timing going forward?  Also would you be open to an interim field visit (Before year-end) to do some audit work in advance of the year-end fieldwork?

Answer:   Your assumptions regarding timing are correct.  Typically the year-end field work is done mid-March, and financial statements are presented to the Audit Committee at its meeting in early April.  An interim visit could certainly be arranged.

Question:  What time period would you like us to provide fee quotes for – 2019 only?  Or more than 1 year?

Answer:  A quote for the upcoming year will be sufficient, although of course we are hoping to establish a long-term relationship.

Question:  Can I ask why you are going to proposal? 

Answer:  Given that the incumbent firm has been preparing audited financial statements for the BCMB for many years, the Audit Committee felt that in order to exercise due diligence, issuing an RFP was a good idea.  The RFP is not a reflection of the work of the incumbent.

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