Your First Step

Contact the BCMB

Before you move forward with selling your depot, transferring voting rights or shareholders, you must contact the BCMB.


Tel:  1.888.424.7671  OR  780.424.3193



Your First Step

Selling Your Depot, Changing Shares or Voting Rights

Permits are non-transferable. That means that a permit is only valid for the individuals or incorporation listed on it, and for the building and location specified. 

If a sale or a transfer of shares,  voting rights or an interest in a depot is being considered, the Permit Holder must:

  • contact a BCMB Compliance Officer to discuss the change using the contact information below: 


Phone: 1-888-424-7671   OR   780-424-3193

  • provide the BCMB with written notice at least 60 days prior to the proposed transfer.

If the BCMB determines that the proposed transfer would result in a change in control of the Permit Holder, then within 30 days of receiving the written notice and any other information requested from the Permit Holder, the BCMB will decide one of the following:

  • that the permit will continue in effect, with or without amendments;
  • that the operation of the permit is suspended until the Permit Holder complies with certain requirements specified by the BCMB; or
  • that the permit is cancelled.

To better understand your obligations, please review the Depot By-law by clicking the link below:

Click the link below to access the Depot Change of Ownership Application.

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