Frequently Asked Questions 



  • What is the Beverage Container Management Board?

  • Is the BCMB a government agency?

  • How do I open a Depot in rural Alberta?

  • How do I open a Depot in a metro area or an urban area?

  • Is there a fee or cost to apply for a new depot permit?

  • How does Alberta’s beverage container recycling system work?

  • How is the BCMB funded?

  • Who and what is a "Collection System Agent (CSA)"?

  • Who and what is a "Collection Service Provider (CSP)"?

  • Why is there a deposit on beverage containers sold in Alberta?

  • What are the refund amounts for beverage containers in Alberta?

  • What is a container recycling fee (CRF) and why is it charged?

  • What types of beverage containers are refundable?

  • What happens to beverage containers when they are recycled?

  • How do I find the depot nearest me?

  • What should I do if I feel I that I was provided an inaccurate refund from a depot?

  • What is a Refund Compliance Audit?

  • Can I receive a refund on beverage containers I purchased outside Alberta?

  • How are depots paid?

  • What are Handling Commissions?

Retailers and Manufacturers

  • What is considered a beverage?

  • What products are exempt from the beverage container recycling system?

  • Can beverage containers be sold and/or distributed in Alberta without being registered with the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB)?

  • Who has to register beverages sold in Alberta?

  • How do we register to sell products in Alberta?

  • How do I register alcoholic beverages?

  • How do I recycle containers where the product has expired or where the container has never been filled?

  • How do I know if my container is NOT eligible to be sold and/or distributed in Alberta?

Depot Owners

  • What is the Uniform Code of Accounts (UCA)?

  • When am I required to submit a Uniform Code of Accounts (UCA)?

  • What happens if I fail to submit a Uniform Code of Accounts (UCA)?

  • Are there any fees depots are required to Pay?

  • Is there a fee to change or amend a condition on my permit?

  • Is there a cost or fee to renew my permit?

  • Is there a restriction on the types of beverage containers I can accept and pay a refund for at my depot?

  • Can I temporarily close my depot?

  • How does the BCMB determine my permit length when I apply for a permit renewal?

  • How do I order more supplies?

  • Who do I contact in order to access records such as my Depot Inspection Reports or Refund Compliance Audits?

  • When sorting and packing beverage containers, what procedure should I follow?

  • Are any depots exempt from completing the Uniform Code of Accounts?

  • What steps should I take if I wish to sell my depot?

  • My depot permit is held by an incorporated entity. Can I change the directors or shareholders of that entity?

  • How do I find out how my depot’s quality control audit results compare to other depots in the province?

BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.