Marilyn Martin

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June 22, 2016 - June 2019

Marilyn Martin is a lawyer and has practiced law in Calgary, Alberta for over 35 years, the majority of that time as one of the founding Partners of the private practice law firm of Reesor Martin. Marilyn has extensive legal experience with private and publicly traded corporations, securities and compliance law, corporate/commercial law and corporate governance.

While practicing law, Marilyn gained 10 years of direct corporate and business experience in the beverage manufacturing industry, having served as CEO and President of a publicly traded corporation and its two subsidiaries that were collectively engaged in the businesses of producing and distributing bottled water and manufacturing plastic containers.

Marilyn’s keen interest in and commitment to environmental stewardship matters affecting Alberta leads her to continue her more than 25 years of service as Secretary, a Director and Legal Counsel for the Alberta Beverage Council Ltd. Marilyn also served on the Beverage Container Management Board as Secretary for five years and as a Director representing the beverage manufacturing sector for nine years commencing in 2005. During those nine years, Marilyn served on several board committees, including the Governance and Compensation Committee, the Policy Issues Task Force Committee, the Legal Services Selection Committee, the CSA Performance Criteria Task Force Committee, the Managing Director Selection Committee and the Handling Commissions Review Task Force Committee. Marilyn served as Chair of the Governance and Compensation Committee from 2008 until 2014 when her first term of service as a Director expired.

Marilyn was reappointed as a Director for the BCMB in June 2016.

Marilyn currently participates on the BCMB’s Compliance Policy Committee as Chair.

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BCMB Mandate - to regulate and enhance a leading beverage container system that protects Alberta’s environment.